Rainproof power supply are trust by the majority of users

What are the basic characteristics of rainproof power supply?
1. High efficiency for rainproof, perfect overload, short circuit, temperature protection. It is the best choose for Rainproof.

2. The product uses sealed potting way, rain and moisture, suitable for a variety of outdoor environments.

3. Easy installation, county or hung flat on the support body to be flat, this depends on what is used in electronic products above, the power supply can be used in rain security surveillance cameras, building intercom and other one series of electronic products above.

4. The product range of options: Constant voltage and current two series to choose from.

5. Quality assurance: products in the factory 100 percent through the whole load aging test, users can be assured. They are to undergo aging tests and other testing, product quality can be assured.

Rainproof power supply is the use of electronic switching devices (such as transistors, FET, SCR thyristors, etc.), by the control circuit, the electronic switching devices

constantly "on" and "off" so that the electronic switching devices the input voltage pulse modulation, in order to achieve DC / AC, DC / DC voltage converter, and an output

voltage adjustable and automatic voltage regulator. Most of the power supply are. Doing so can reduce the volume of rain power and power is increased.

Rainproof power supply are trust by the majority of users. Because Rainproof can be used in outdoor, can rain, like the opening of the power will not work, it can not be

used outdoors only be used in indoor and rainproof power it? It can be used outdoors and can also be used indoors so that it can dual the majority of users by the trust and